It may be an important decision to choose a new lawn mower so before get one for you. Sure, you will want to get ones that can last as long as possible. You need to keep your lawn mower in the best possible condition. Check out this article to learn about how to maintain gas lawn mower. They help you to ensure your mower will last for many years.

Take Care of It

It’s important to perform routine maintenance if you want to acquire peace-of-mind about your lawn mower. In fact, this doesn’t require you to take a lot of time or money. Indeed, you just need to akes a little diligence to properly service your mower. Now, keep reading the following parts to learn about our tips to keep your mower running.

Annual Lawn Mower Service

One of the most important things you need to do is to maintain your machine on a regular schedule. Here are some essential jobs to do:

Sharpen the Blades

Your blades should be kept sharp in order to keep your mower running effectively. Also, this helps your grass grow strong. If you let them be blunt, it won’t cut the grass. Instead, it may tear the grass. Even, this can make your plants more vulnerable to disease.

In fact, you will need to sharpen your blades from once to twice a year. If you see your machine has bent blades, it’s essential to hammer them back into shape. If necessary, you may have to replace them with a new set.

Don’t forget to remove the sparkplug before you work on the underneath section. Otherwise, you may get accidents.

Replace The Spark Plug

In order to make sure your mower is kept in optimum condition, you need to replace spark plugs once a year. It’s best to do this in the spring. This is considered to be one of the most important tasks you need to do.

Check The Oil

It’s important to give your machine oil in the engine before you start your mowing. You will need the dipstick. It is used to check the level. Then, you can also determine when you need to top it up.

Check The Fuel

Another important task for you is to remove any leftover fuel from the engine, especially at the end of the last mowing season. Remember that gasoline will have gone bad over time. That’s why it’s essential to top it up with fresh fuel.

Check The Air Filter

Make sure you keep the air filter clean. It should be free of debris. You should take your time to clean it as necessary. However, it’s best to replace it if it’s very dirty. You won’t have to pay much money for this. We recommend you to consider replacing it once a year.

Check The Tires

If you own a riding lawn mower, take your time to check whether the tires are fully inflated. This purposes to help your mower run more efficiently whenever you use it. You should also consider this for other types of mower with inflatable tires.

Throughout The Mowing Season

When it comes to the mowing season ahead, there are some basic maintenance tasks below:

Basic Cleaning

After using your mower, don’t forget to make it clean as well as free of debris. After that, it’s time to put it into your garage or shed. The thing you need to do is to check to make sure there is no grass or other debris underneath in the mower.

This task also allows you to take a quick look at the blades. Therefore, you can know if there is any damage found in them.

Changing The Oil

If your mower is a gas-powered model, you have to always pay attention to the oil. Once you notice it gets too low, it’s time to stop using your mower. Otherwise, it can damage the engine. Therefore, it’s best to check the oil. And, make it of the ritual to never forget this habit.

Checking The Blades

Depending on the frequency of your use, the blades should be checked about halfway through the mowing season to make sure the blades still stay sharp. This step is not essential for light use.

At The End Of The Season 

It’s time to prepare your mower for storage at the end of the season. Let’s take a look at some important things you need to do below:

Remove Fuel

If you are using a gas lawn mower, one of the most important things to do is to remove any fuel left in the tank before putting it into storage for the winter. You may not know that old fuel can corrode the innards of your machine. Therefore, it’s best to add new fuel at the start of the next year.

Remove The Battery

If you are using a battery-powered mower, don’t leave the battery in all winter. You should remove it. At the same time, don’t forget to charge it up a few times over the winter. This purposes to keep it in the best condition. The fact is that it won’t work as well the following year once it is left without charge for six months.

Final Clean

The last important task you need to do is to give your lawn mower a thorough clean before you decide to put it into your shed or garage for the winter. Make sure any grass stuck underneath needs to be removed. Besides, it’s vital to clean it up. Then, ensure it is ready to go into storage.


As long as you take care of your machine properly, it can last for at least ten years or more. In order to keep it last nearly this long, it’s really important to take your time to carry out proper maintenance. In this post, I’ve just shared with you some essential tips on how to maintain a lawn mower. Follow our tips. And then, you can use your mower for many years to come.


How to Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Properly